FIT IN TEST (FIT) provides you with a faster, reliable and best-in-class workflow to fit your retention strategy.

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FIT multi-data points for better decisions

The effects of hiring mistakes can affect team morale, diversity targets and reducing overall efficiency throughout the organization.

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Corporate Dilemma

How much is turnover really costing your organization?

FIT Advantage

Faster FIT assessment for new industry entrants

Talent Acquisition Evaluation

Multi-FIT evaluation ensures a better talent acquisition

Faster Selection

Recruiters can do more with our efficient workflows and data gathering


Pre-hiring Questions


Functional Area


Faster Workflow


Candidate Process in seconds

Multidimensional analysis aids on selecting the right staff

Multidimensional analysis provide a clear extrapolation of candidates to fit the job. Allowing your team to grow in strength and increase efficiencies.

  • Better correlation
  • Increase efficiencies
  • Reduce uncertainty

FIT multidimensional analysis provides a better way to vet new candidates. We do it faster better and at a lower cost

The Fit In Test Tool (FIT) Architecture

The architecture behind FIT was designed to be modular in nature and customizable to adapt to our clients growing needs.

  • Track what’s important for your talent acquisition
  • Deployed in a customized modular approach
  • Designed for your with in you workflow

When we first started designing the system it was important to ensure we could adapt to your workflow and your needs. Making FIT one of the most customizable systems we’ve design to date.

Entry level roles have the highest turnover

Companies highest turnover rate is in the entry level position. Brining new candidates to a role in which they have little to know experience can be a big gamble for companies. Reducing the uncertainty by implementing a low-cost evaluation tool is an incredible return on the investment.

  • Understand Fit for Role
  • Assesses key data point for role
  • Validate

Understanding candidates fit for role assures a team member that integrate to your team dynamics increasing moral and retention.

Manage more applicants and make effective decisions faster

As the market volatility present itself to a number of industries, Talent acquisition must adjust to meet mandates. With our systems you can manage more candidates, make better informed decisions and increase productivity

  • Funnel candidates automatically
  • Increase intake of candidates
  • Meet diversity targets

The system was designed to provide your Talent Acquisition team with an out of the box tools that increase your teams performance.


The Talent Acquisition and Talent Management Solutions are specially designed to work with your team.


Learning Management System for onboarding and talent management

Data Analysis

Get the Insight you need to make the right talent acquisition

Corporate Training

Find out how our Innovative corporate training can increase your employment.

Entry Level Roles

Customize your FIT to your organization essential talent question strategy

Talent Acquisition

Fit In Test (FIT) easily integrates into your organization

Recruiting Efficiency

Manage more applicants and make effective decisions faster

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